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  • Symptoms of constipation, heartburn, irritable bowels and stomach pains are all characteristics of colon problems. Toxins enter our bodies from the food we intake and the environment that surrounds us and causes colon problems. Benefits of colon cleansing includes better digestive system and more

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  • Author: Tlee
    I have severe gas during the night. I am looking for a doctor to fix this. I was told to visit a doctor that specializes in gastroenterology. Is that the right doctor to visit?
    • Yes, a gastroenterologist is a doctor who specializes in internal medicine regarding the inside of your stomach and intestines. He would be the best specialist for this job, as the gas is being produced in the area of his specialty.
      Answered by: TAdams15
  • Author: TravisSnow
    I was recommended to see a specialist in gastroenterology. What do the doctors in this field specialize in?
    • Gastroenterologists specialize in the digestive system and the diseases of this system. People most often think of them as working with disorders of the colon and the large and small intestines, but they actually cover the entire digestive process. They help diagnose and treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Ulcers, Dysphagia, Celiac Disease, Colon Cancer, and more. They also help with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the liver an pancreas.
      Answered by: TomHayes
    • A gastroenterologist is a person who specializes in illness of the stomach and intestines. They are able to make reccomendations and referrals for treatment, and surgery.
      Answered by: TomHayes

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